Rolex Submariner Date 16610

Par Florian Matrion, le 3 septembre 2010
Submariner Date 16610
Submariner Date 16610
While waiting for this new version to be “accessible”, review of one of the most famous diving watch of the watch making world: the Rolex Submarine 16610. A definitely multitask watch.
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A daily comfortable watch

The first qualifier that comes to mind regarding this Sub, is “comfortable”.

The Oyster strap with the so-called « SEL» (« Solid End Links ») tips are very comfortable to wear.
Being used to the rattle of my old vintage Rolex that is equipped with its stretched strap, I regularly catch myself checking that this Submariner is still around my wrist as we can not help forgetting it.

The adjustment of the strap's size is quite accurate: both the number of the links and the position binding the strap to the Fliplock clasp can be adjusted.

Its 40 mm diameter, neither too big nor too small, suits well my little 17 cm wrist.
Another strong point: its reasonable 12,8 mm thickness will easily slip under my shirts' sleeves. On the contrary to some actual body build watches!

After a day together with this Sub Date, I am so seduced that I almost forget to take it off before going to bed...


Rolex Submariner Date : you can wear it during a sea-kayak ride equipped with a nice garish orange lifejacket and then puts it on the same night at the corner trendy bar, wearing a light costume... 

A sober and multitask watch

The Rolex, to some people's opinion, have a “show off” reputation.

While arriving at the office the next morning, I hence think be entitled to some of my embittered colleagues' sarcasms.

And then, surprise! Not a single comment!

In fact, on closer examination, the Submariner is a model of sobriety.

And despite the new engraved flange and the polished sides, it has been able to keep its tool watch side.

People can, safely, wear it during a sea-kayak ride equipped with a nice garish orange lifejacket and then puts it on the same night at the corner trendy bar, wearing a light costume...
It will be at easy in every situation!



A very functional watch

Its bright black dial with its white gold circled markers as well as the hands filled with Luminova make it really readable.
The date is eye-catching thanks to the magnifying glass. Maybe a little too much according to some!

But there is still a hitch: the absence of the anti-reflection coating on the sapphire that can alter the readability.
What a pity for a watch of that level!

The Oyster strap is fit up on this model with extension spears that allow wearing it over a diving suit, this spears being locked under the buckle when not being used. Really practical, even if its adjustment is not optimum!
The embossed sheet metal buckle gives an impression of fragility, but is, in reality, very strong.


As hermetic as a submarine trapdoor ?

The casing is waterproof until 300 m and this is partly thanks to the “Triplock” crown.
It is a group of ten elements that are secured by three seals.
Once this one is screwed, the casing should become as hermetic as “a submarine trapdoor”, according to Rolex!
Having personally tested the Submariner but not any submarine, I am not in position to confirm that! 

Its automatic “3135” caliber beats 28.800 vibrations per hour and comprises 31 rubies.
It has the date and stop-second functions – really practical for the hand setting obsessed and the watches' photographers!
The whole is certified chronometer by the COSC.
A real tractor! 



Of a flawless efficiency and reliability, the charm of this submariner Date is undeniable.
And its sturdiness is no legends.
Its sport/smart aspect really makes it a watch to wear in every occasion.
You can wear it with a beautiful black alligator strap to go the opera or with a kaki NATO strap to travel all around the world : you will be wearing a brand new watch !



  • its versatility and its timelessness
  • its finishing
  • a reliable caliber
  • an excellent quotation for resale



  • the writings on the dial, a little bit invading
  • the absence of anti-reflection coating on the sapphire
  • the non-pierced lugs that complicate the changing of the strap.


Additional information:

  • journalist's wrist size = 17cm
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  • Submariner Date 16610
  • Submariner Date 16610
  • Submariner Date 16610
  • Submariner Date 16610
  • Submariner Date 16610
  • Submariner Date 16610
  • Submariner Date 16610
  • Submariner Date 16610
  • Submariner Date 16610
  • Submariner Date 16610
  • Submariner Date 16610
  • Submariner Date 16610
  • Submariner Date 16610

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