Bell & Ross BR02 Steel

Par Florian Matrion, le 10 juin 2010
BR02 Steel
BR02 Steel
With the BR02, Bell & Ross offer us a very technical diving watch which oozes testosterone. Let's review the details.
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After opening the box, we discover a booklet, the watch, a second Velcro strap, and a spring bar pin for changing watchstraps. It's simple and complete.
The instructions are sober, in 7 languages, with the essentials (features, materials, an instruction manual) but there is a lack of watchmaker information.
Emphasis is placed on pressure resistance as the BR02 can support a 100 bar pressure.

But what about the watch ?
It's OK we're getting to that. It would be hasty to miss it with its 44mm case !


The case

Cushion-shaped, it is brushed 316L stainless steel.
The screws, sides and angles of the screwed on upper part are polished steel. It is a perfectly carried out piece of work.
The two screwed crowns (winding-mechanism and inner bezel) are rimmed with rubber, a nice touch, which improves grip.

On the back, there is the Bell & Ross ampersand logo in intaglio engraving. I like it a lot.


Legible is the word that best defines it. An ideal watch to be read at 1000 meters deep.


The dial

Legible is the word that best defines it.

An ideal watch to be read at 1000 meters deep, or for those who, like me, confuse their cat with their scarf without glasses.

No excess, just the basics with emphasis on the legibility of the graduations on the bezel.

Another extra : the minute hand is circled in red to make it stand out and differentiate it with the hours.

However, the date is really small and nearly illegible.


The movement

The movement is the Sellita SW200 (an alternative to the ETA 2824) manufactured by Sellita in La Chaux de Fonds.




But is it really good enough to dive with?

The only way to find out, is to test it.
The sea is a bit far from my house, but I do have the tub.

After donning a diving mask and Mapa gloves, I dive in...

Even with all this equipment on, screwing and unscrewing the crown on the bezel is easy. The operation is smooth and pleasant.

As might be expected, the display remains very clear and all the information is easy to see with a single glance.



The BR02 isn't made to be worn with a three-piece suit.
But at 1000 meters deep, it is in its element.
However, there's nothing holding you back wearing it on the weekend whilst watching a documentary on sharks...



  • legibility
  • wearing comfort
  • ease of use of the bezel
  • two bracelets provided



  • bracelet change is not very easy,
  • very small date
  • anti-reflective treatment only on one side


Additional information :

  • tester's wrist size = 19 cm
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